Discounts for your next advertising campaigns

At Oblicua, we specialize in media planning and buying and get excellent discounts for our clients, even when their advertising investment is small. This is why we continue to grow.

Look at some of the discounts we have obtained for our clients' campaigns:


  Coverage Initial price Oblicua
The Client
PRESS National €196,000 -35% €68,500
Various provinces €342,000 -55% €188,000
MAGAZINES National €85,000 -33% €28,500
National €140,000 -50% €70,000
RADIO  National €127,000 -40% €51,000
Various provinces €135,000 -35% €47,000
TV   National €233,000 -45% €105,000
Regional €195,000 -60% €117,000
Regional €310,000 -65% €200,000


Saving money

Working with Oblicua and saving money on your next advertising campaigns will be very easy because that saving will not require you to stop working with your current advertising agency, or change strategy, or advertise in other media. You will simply save money in whatever advertising campaign you wish to carry out.

There are no monthly fees, no commission for sending orders and no commitment on your part.
Your company will save money simply when it carries out the advertising it wants to do. It's that simple.

Request a budget for your next advertising campaigns and start saving money.

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Depending on your target audience and budget, we conduct a media and audience analysis of statistical data to determine the displays that are most suited to your needs as an advertiser. This is how we manage to maximize the profitability of your advertising investment.