Installation and sale of billboards throughout Spain

Billboards can be installed in car parks, on facades, on buildings, at industrial zones, next to real estate developments, on access roads to housing developments and hotels, on empty lots... Billboards on properties are ideal for providing greater visibility to an establishment in order to communicate offers and news to clients when they arrive, to reinforce advertising campaigns done in other media from the actual establishment and, of course, to commercially develop that advertising space via its rental to third parties. Billboards are always a very good investment.

Venta de Billboard Advertising

Only €3,300

  • Penetration
  • Profitability
  • Measurability
  • Geo-segmentation
  • Discrimination


  • Complete installation in just 15 days from order confirmation.
  • Billboard installation throughout Spain.
  • All billboard formats: 8x3 m, 16x3 m, 16x6 m., 10x5 m, or others.

The sale price includes

  • Foundation.
  • Materials for manufacturing the 8x3 m. billboard: beam, galvanized sheets, attachments, screws...
  • Billboard lettering on long-lasting adhesive vinyl or a PVC banner.
  • Assembly and installation of the billboard on land owned or managed by the client.*

Optional elements

  • Front lighting of the billboard with halogen lights.
  • Interior lighting via fluorescent screens.
  • Tangible fixed assets: elements outside the frame or entire billboard with irregular shapes.
  • Trivision: automated element that enables the alternate display of three different graphic motifs.

Optional services

  • Creativity / Graphic design: +750 euros.
  • Work project: +1,000 euros.
  • Billboard maintenance.
  • Changes in the lettering.

*For the installation of any billboard, it is the client's responsibility to have the respective municipal permit. Spanish legislation prohibits placing billboards, posters or similar installations on rural land, with only indicative or informative posters being authorized with any characteristics set, where applicable, by the competent administration.

The maximum installation term for billboards is 15 days, except under adverse weather conditions.

Prices valid for 8x3 m. billboard installations on the Spanish peninsula. Special installations: consult prices. Prices do not include VAT (21%).

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Billboards installation
throughout Spain

Large companies tend to reinforce their leadership by placing their brand on billboards located on access roads to cities or at high vehicle volume points. Being always present in the life of consumers is essential for gaining their trust and staying on their short list.


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