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Urban and interurban bus advertising

Moving advertising. Maximum geographical segmentation by route and zone of interest. High visibility due to the large size of posters, their proximity to the target audience and the endless creative possibilities enabled by the display: integrated rear adverts, integrated bus lettering... Bus advertising is very effective and, according to EGM data, achieves the highest recall index of OOH displays.

Bus advertising


*Rental prices for 1-year contracts, lettering on 3 sides.

  • Penetration
  • Profitability
  • Measurability
  • Geo-segmentation
  • Discrimination

bus advertising

Urban bus advertising in Spain's main cities - Rates

Urban Bus Advertising

Bus advertising: 2 sides + regular rear

  1 month 12 months   Production
A Coruña 740/month 690/month   695 €/bus
Albacete 1.270/month 970/month   490 €/bus
Alicante 1.350/month 1.180/month   610 €/bus
Almeria 985/month 950/month   875 €/bus
Avila 830/month 690/month   710 €/bus
Badajoz - 730/month   660 €/bus
Barcelona 1.450/month 1.290/month   580 €/bus
Bilbao* 1.650/month 1.540/month   580 €/bus
Burgos 1.350/month 1.180/month   490 €/bus
Caceres 890/month 810/month   680 €/bus
Cadiz: Cadiz capital, Pto. Santa Maria 1.290/month 1.180/month   745 €/bus
Castellon 1.270/month 1.150/month   475 €/bus
Ciudad real 880/month 790/month   670 €/bus
Cordoba 1.380/month 1.380/month   730 €/bus
Cuenca 1.390/month 1.250/month   790 €/bus
Gijón 1.270/month 970/month   475 €/bus
Girona 820/month 790/month   670 €/bus
Gran Canaria: Las Palmas 875/month 800/month   710 €/bus
Granada 1.350/month 1.180/month   670 €/bus
Guadalajara 950/month 880/month   730 €/bus
Huelva 1.230/month 1.100/month   550 €/bus
Huesca 1.270/month 1.180/month   790 €/bus
Jaén 1.350/month 1.150/month   550 €/bus
Leon 1.270/month 850/month   475 €/bus
Lleida 1.350/month 1.200/month   490 €/bus
Logroño 1.120/month 990/month   870 €/bus
Madrid capital 2.050/month 1.670/month   740 €/bus
Madrid: Mostoles, Pinto, Parla, Navalcarnero, Guadarrama, Cercedilla, Alpedrete... 1.160/month 940/month   710 €/bus
Madrid: Fuenlabrada, Torrejon de Ardoz, Alcala de Henares, Aranjuez, Ciempozuelos, Collado Villalba... 960/month 820/month   670 €/bus
Madrid: Getafe, Leganes, Tres Cantos,
Colmenar, Pozuelo, Majadahonda, Rivas,
Seseña, Valdemoro...
1.390/month 1.250/month   630 €/bus
Madrid CAM interurban 1.360/month 1.180/month   595 €/bus
Malaga 1.450/month 1.380/month   710 €/bus
Mallorca 1.250/month 1.120/month   580 €/bus
Merida 890/month 780/month   710 €/bus
Murcia 830/month 740/month   570 €/bus
Ourense 1.250/month 1.250/month   740 €/bus
Oviedo 1.350/month 1.220/month   710 €/bus
Palencia 1.270/month 970/month   475 €/bus
Pamplona 1.380/month 1.380/month   490 €/bus
Salamanca 910/month 820/month   710 €/bus
San Sebastian 1.420/month 1.300/month   525 €/bus
Segovia 1.270/month 970/month   550 €/bus
Sevilla 1.390/month 1.250/month   680 €/bus
Soria 1.350/month 1.180/month   490 €/bus
Tarragona 820/month 790/month   670 €/bus
Tenerife - 1.530/month   included
Teruel 820/month 790/month   670 €/bus
Toledo 930/month 870/month   610 €/bus
Valencia 1.320/month 1.190/month   475 €/bus
Valladolid* 1.150/month 1.050/month   560 €/bus
Vigo 1.340/month 1.260/month   670 €/bus
Vitoria 1.360/month 1.200/month   500 €/bus
Zamora 1.450/month 1.375/month   510 €/bus
Zaragoza 1.360/month 990/month   550 €/bus
Other cities contact us   -

Price per bus. Lettering and assembly prices are approximate and can vary depending on the bus model contracted.
With the exception of annual campaigns, in most cases, the concept of 'month' means a period of 4 weeks.
*Bilbao: buses with regular lettering on the left hand side and rear.
*Seville, interurban buses: advertising only on the rear part of the bus.
*Valladolid: advertising only on the right and left hand side of buses.

Spain Bus AdvertisingBus AdvertisingBus AdvertisingBus Advertising
Bus Advertising in Spain Urban bus advertising Regular rear Bus Advertising


Integrated Rear Bus Advertising

Bus advertising: integrated lettering on the rear part of buses

  1 month 12 months   Production
A Coruña  1.380/month  1.210/month   910 €/bus
Alicante  2.450/month  2.250/month   890 €/bus
Almeria  1.170/month  1.050/month   960 €/bus
Barcelona  3.450/month  3.125/month   980 €/bus
Barcelona: interurban buses  2.520/month  2.200/month   980 €/bus
Caceres 2.150/month 2.050/month   1.250 €/bus
Cadiz 2.480/month 2.350/month   1.275 €/bus
Ciudad Real  1.330/month  1.260/month   1.100 €/bus
Cordoba 3.400/month 3.400/month   1.210 €/bus
Cuenca 1.780/month 1.560/month   1.150 €/bus
Gijon  2.850/month  2.590/month   820 €/bus
Girona  1.950/month 1.900/month   875 €/bus
Gran Canaria: Las Palmas 1.960/month 1.790/month   980 €/bus
Granada  3.275/month  3.100/month   950 €/bus
Guadalajara 2.260/month 2.150/month   1.080 €/bus
Huelva 2.550/month 2.300/month   990 €/bus
Huesca 1.530/month 1.400/month   1.050 €/bus
Leon 1.930/month 1.780/month   875 €/bus
Lleida  3.250/month  3.125/month   880 €/bus
Lugo 1.675/month 1.525/month   1.140 €/bus
Madrid capital  3.550/month  3.450/month   975 €/bus
Madrid: Mostoles, Alcorcon, Pinto, Parla, Navalcarnero, Villaviciosa, Guadarrama, Cercedilla, Alpedrete...  2.445/month  2.445/month   1.080 €/bus
Madrid: Fuenlabrada, Arganda, Torrejon de Ardoz, Alcala de Henares, Aranjuez, Ciempozuelos, Collado Villalba... 2.050/month 1.830/month   1.020 €/bus
Madrid: Getafe, Leganes, Tres Cantos, Colmenar, Pozuelo, Majadahonda, Rivas, Seseña, Valdemoro...  3.250/month  3.110/month   975 €/bus
Madrid CAM interurban buses  1.940/month  1.820/month   990 €/bus
Malaga 2.480/month 2.360/month   1.280 €/bus
Mallorca 1.950/month 1.750/month   1.200 €/bus
Merida 1.960/month 1.850/month   975 €/bus
Murcia  1.375/month 1.250/month   890 €/bus
Ourense 2.550/month 2.350/month   1.290 €/bus
Oviedo 3.350/month 3.090/month   1.250 €/bus
Palencia  2.290/month  2.150/month   990 €/bus
Pamplona  3.400/month 3.400/month   1.210 €/bus
Pontevedra  2.975/month  2.900/month   1.300 €/bus
Salamanca 1.580/month 1.320/month   1.220 €/bus
San Sebastián  3.290/month  3.100/month   875 €/bus
Santander  3.250/month  3.250/month   980 €/bus
Segovia 2.850/month  2.790/month   950 €/bus
Sevilla  3.275/month  3.125/month   950 €/bus
Soria 3.250/month 3.100/month   980 €/bus
Tarragona  1.970/month 1.850/month   875 €/bus
Tenerife 1.120/month 990/month   1.150 €/bus
Teruel 1.880/month 1.790/month   875 €/bus
Toledo 1.580/month 1.320/month   915 €/bus
Valencia  3.280/month  3.150/month   980 €/bus
Vigo 2.360/month 1.990/month   1.220 €/bus
Vitoria 3.230/month  3.100/month   950 €/bus
Zamora 3.415/month  3.275/month   830 €/bus
Zaragoza 3.260/month  3.120/month   990 €/bus
Other cities contact us   -

Price per bus. Prices do not include VAT (21%).

Bus Advertising in BarcelonaBus Advertising in SpainBus AdvertisingBus Advertising
Integral lettering bus advertising Urban Bus advertising in Spain Integrated rear Bus Advertising


Sides PLUS Bus Advertising
Urban bus advertising: lettering of two 'Sides PLUS' + rear of the buses

  1 month 12 months   Production
Albacete 2.390/month 2.250/month   1.180 €/bus
Alicante 2.450/month 2.250/month   1.220 €/bus
Almeria 1.375/month 1.260/month   1.350 €/bus
Barcelona 2.050/month 1.975/month   1.350 €/bus
Caceres 2.610/month 2.480/month   1.160 €/bus
Cordoba 1.880/month 1.880/month   1.350 €/bus
Cuenca 1.550/month 1.390/month   920 €/bus
Elche* 1.480/month 1.200/month   960 €/bus
Girona 1.150/month 1.100/month   880 €/bus
Cran Canaria: Las Palmas 2.550/month 2.450/month   1.240 €/bus
Leon 975/month 890/month   740 €/bus
Madrid 2.250/month 2.100/month   1.350 €/bus
Mallorca 2.200/month 1.980/month   1.450 €/bus
Merida* 1.480/month 1.150/month   875 €/bus
Murcia** 2.745/month 2.650/month   1.480 €/bus
Palencia 990/month 890/month   850 €/bus
Pamplona  1.880/month 1.740/month   1.350 €/bus
Salamanca* 1.510/month 1.340/month   890 €/bus
Santander 2.190/month 2.190/month   810 €/bus
Sevilla 2.200/month 1.950/month   1.175 €/bus
Tarragona  1.050/month 920/month   850 €/bus
Teruel  975/month 890/month   850 €/bus
Toledo* 1.560/month 1.325/month   945 €/bus
Valencia 1.925/month 1.750/month   1.450 €/bus
Valladolid* 1.890/month 1.750/month   860 €/bus
Vigo 975/month 890/month   850 €/bus
Zaragoza  1.850/month 1.730/month   1.475 €/bus
Other cities  consultar   -

*Publicidad con rotulación Plus en un único lateral del bus
**Publicidad con dos laterales Plus + trasera integral
Precio por bus. Prices do not include VAT (21%).


Integral Lettering Bus Advertising
Integrated bus advertising: integrated lettering of buses

  1 month 12 months   Production
A Coruña* 4.500/month 3.700/month   2.550 €/bus
Alicante 6.520/month 5.850/month   2.470 €/bus
Almeria 4.500/month 4.200/month   2.520 €/bus
Barcelona 6.750/month 5.900/month   2.675 €/bus
Caceres 6.520/month 5.850/month   2.470 €/bus
Elche 2.900/month 2.750/month   2.750 €/bus
Gijon 4.350/month 3.950/month   2.810 €/bus
Girona 4.900/month 4.550/month   2.640 €/bus
Granada 6.340/month 5.830/month   2.470 €/bus
Leon 4.970/month 4.650/month   2.795 €/bus
Lleida 6.520/month 5.850/month   2.470 €/bus
Madrid 7.390/month 6.830/month   3.650 €/bus
Malaga 4.720/month 4.550/month   2.910 €/bus
Mallorca 4.100/month 3.850/month   2.600 €/bus
Murcia 5.700/month 4.350/month   3.440 €/bus
Palencia 5.175/month 4.750/month   2.390 €/bus
Pontevedra 6.520/month 5.850/month   2.640 €/bus
Salamanca 2.880/month 2.650/month   2.800 €/bus
San Sebastian 6.550/month 5.975/month   2.510 €/bus
Segovia 5.800/month 4.900/month   2.600 €/bus
Sevilla 6.520/month 5.950/month   2.640 €/bus
Tarragona 5.520/month 4.850/month   2.490 €/bus
Taruel 4.400/month 4.250/month   2.310 €/bus
Toledo 3.100/month 2.600/month   2.750 €/bus
Vigo 6.520/month 5.910/month   2.500 €/bus
Zamora 6.640/month 5.880/month   2.625 €/bus
Zaragoza 7.360/month 6.750/month   3.540 €/bus
Other cities  consultar   -

Price per bus. Prices do not include VAT (21%).
The bus surface area for lettering can vary, depending on the model, line or municipal regulations.
*A Coruña: bus advertising with semi-integrated lettering.


Bus Advertising Circuits

Integrated rear advertising - Circuit rates for 28-day campaigns

Circuito Alquiler 28 days Production Total Campaña
Madrid 50 buses 170.000 € 48.000 € 218.000 €
Barcelona 35 buses 110.00 € 31.000 € 141.000 €
Valencia 20 buses 61.000 € 19.600 € 80.600 €
Zaragoza 20 buses 60.000 € 19.800 € 79.800 €
Sevilla 20 buses 59.500 € 18.000 € 77.500 €
Prices do not include VAT (21%)
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Bus advertising

Integrated bus advertising: more space for creativity

Increasing numbers of cities are joining the innovation in advertising and permitting integrated and semi-integrated lettering on buses, allowing advertising spaces to multiply their size and guarantee greater and better impact.


Bus Advertising


Publicidad FullScreen

Bus Advertising in Spain

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